Saturday, June 27, 2009

Momma's gettin' fancy

My Momma is the smartest Momma in the whole world. Well, at least as far as I know. She figured out how to add music to my blog. So crank up the volume and PUMP UP THE JAM!

(Okay, I didn't say she was the COOLest mom on the planet, just the smartest...)

Now if someone could help her figure out how to add the books she and I are reading, she could stop cursing at the computer and pay attention to something more important -- like ME!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Far away

I don't know if any of my faithful readers noticed or not, but I was away last week. Far away. In a great land called Michigan. Half of my family is from there. My momma's half. There is even a family farm there. It is over 140 years old. That is like a bazillion times older than me. And I don't even know what a bazillion is! My Great Uncle Freddie took me on a tractor ride there. It was pretty cool. Here is me standing in front of the barn and in front of the farmhouse.

I got to see my Great Grandma and my Great Grandpa too. They are about 140, too, I think. Grandma really likes me. She played peekaboo with me.

I played in the Fountains and Fountainview, too. I watered the plants real good. It was hot out so I thought they would be thirsty. Great Grandma didn't really seem interested in drinking the water I brought her from the fountain. I don't know why.

And here's Great Uncle Carter taking me on a backyard tour. Great Aunt Nancy read me Pat the Bunny every day. Some times a coupla times in a row. That Paul and Judy... always wanting to play hide and seek...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Now I am....

My momma made a really yummy carrot cake. Even Ollie liked it!

I got really cool presents like this sandbox and a new pool for the summer (Note from Momma: sandbox and pool need to stay at least 50 feet away from one another or the sandbox becomes and pool and the pool becomes a sandbox...)
And Gramma and Grampa got me my very first Tricycle! A Red Rider! With a bell. And a license plate with my name on it from Ohio. I am soooo the coolest kid on the block now!