Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bye Bye Brittany - Hello Sarah!

I had to say goodbye to my favorite nanny ever, Miss Brittany. She went back to grad school last week. But now I have a new favority nanny ever. Her name is Sarah. She is super sweet and feeds me yummy stuff and takes me on walks just like Brittany did. That's her on the left.

Brittany taught Sarah where the park is and how to push me in my favorite swing and all too. So now Sarah is all trained up on all things Joshua.

Monday, May 5, 2008

It's All Relatives

Boy, I have more relatives than I know what to do with! And they all came out to see ME. Well, me and my Great Grandpa for his 90th birthday. He's like 90 times older than I am. Wow. That's pretty cool. Anyhow, here's some pictures of me and my relatives.

Me and Uncle Rob. He's pretty cool for a financial guy.

And me and Great Uncle Cart. He's just pretty cool.

And me and my momma's cousin Melinda. I think that makes us first cousin's once removed, but I'm not positive.

Rubber Ducky You're The One...

I got to take a bath in the Big Boy Tub at Auntie Nancy's house. And she has the MOTHER of all Rubber Duckies I have ever seen! I mean, I have only seen 6 or 7 rubber duckies in my day, but My this one was as big as ME! I can usually put their whole ducky head in my mouth, but I couldn't even get half a beak in with this guy.

Sunny Days Sweepin' The Clouds Away...