Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cheerios here I come!

I've had a teensy little problem since starting this "solid" food stuff... I don't quite know how to swallow the solid parts yet. It kind of gags me. I even threw up a few times. And throwing up the chunks is just no fun. But mommy has found these new Puffies. They melt in my mouth and they come in tasty flavors like cherry, banana, and sweet potato. I have learned to pinch them to pick them up. When I used to grab them in my palm, I couldn't really let go and they would get stuck there. Gosh that was frustrating. Anyhow, here's me and my puffies.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fun with Daddy

I love my daddy! He watches Veggietales with me and plays with me lots. Here's a few fun shots of us.

Crawling casualties

This is my first boo boo. This crawling stuff is pretty challenging. Somebody opened the door and didn't tell me that it was on hinges. I leaned up against it to try to stand and next thing I knew I had landed on my noggin. That wasn't too fun and I made my displeasure known to the folks for quite a while. Luckily my memory is pretty short so it hasn't stopped my mobility one little bit.