Thursday, November 29, 2007

Keeping up with the Strongs...

Momma says that there are tons of blogs out there. Grandma keeps talking and talking about Mrs Sophia's blog for her boys (Mom says that's Grandma's way of saying "I want more updates on my little Joshua!") I like being Grandma's special boy, so I keep acting all cute for the folks so that they will take more pictures of me and spread them around. I guess it finally worked cause Mom has me typing this blog out now. Sheesh, a guy can't catch a break around here... I've gotta do all this work by myself!

Well, we've gotta at least try to keep up with the Strongs... Mrs Sophia's blog is one of our favorites. I am trying hard to catch up to William, but I think it will take a while. Not only can I barely stand up, but I don't even crawl yet (I mean, Mom carries me every where I need to go and brings Moosey to me when I cry... what more does a guy need?) Now, Momma needs to catch up to Mrs Sophia... she has video and everything on their blog. Way cool. I try to tell Momma that she needs to be cool, too. But I know she is trying, and a little guy can't have everything! Maybe someday we will even catch up to Mrs Angela... her blog has a webcam! I am learning all about things I get to look forward to when I am 18 months old!

Here are our favorite blogs:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Houston We Have Teeth!

I am 5 months and 2 weeks old today and I HAVE TEETH!
Look out world, I am ready to eat you up!

Mommy and Daddy say that I have been grumpy lately, and I have been drooling and chewing on everything. But they don't remember how much hard work this growing up stuff really is. I mean, there are new things to taste, and new teeth and bones to grow. Not everyone can put on 13 pounds in just 5 months! I am now a lean mean eating machine.

On Thanksgiving, I got my first taste of the real world stuff. But it was orange and kinda gross. Mom tried to fool me by mixing it with that rice cereal that I already recognize, but Nothin' Doin'... I crinkled up my nose but good and pushed it away. They said it was carrots, but it tasted like my socks. Now, those PEAS... let's talk about those peas. I have two words for them... YUMMM mmeeeeee! I think I could eat peas all day long.

Mom's gonna put some pictures up here pretty soon. Keep a watch out!