Friday, February 29, 2008

Goomers and Cheeks Oh My!

I am just adding to my trick repertoire by the day. Here is the new one that I just added today. You have to practice looking svelte when you are 8 months old, so I learned how to suck in my cheeks.

And here I am showing off my two teeth. I'm pretty proud of them and I love to chomp on anything that gets in the way!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Piano Man

I got a really cool present for Christmas from Abuela... it's this piano. I could just stand at it and "play" for hours. Well, at least for a half hour... my legs kinda give out after that. It gives me real good practice with my balance 'cause more than once I have pulled it over on top of me. Momma says we need to nail it to the floor. She also says that if she hears "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or "Row row row your boat" one more time her ears are going to bleed. I think that would be a neat trick. I might have to try it.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Straw Master

Mommy tricked me.

She got me to drink apple juice out of a cup. Then she popped a lid on it and gave it back to me. I KNEW what was in there. So I had to suck it out. She's been trying for a few weeks to get me to use a sippy cup. She has a few different kinds. One kind I spill all over myself because it just leaks out the spout. The second kind doesn't leak, but I can't figure out how to work it, so I just drool on it and throw it around. Mom eventually gets the point and takes it away. The third kind has this straw thing. That's the one she tricked me with.
I overheard my pediatrician tell Mommy that in just a few months I won't be quite as receptive to the sippy cup. Nothin' doin'... I like my bottle just fine right now, not to mention a few months from now. But anyhow I did figure out that if you suck hard enough on this straw thing, you get the good stuff! And that apple juice is yummy. Now just between you and me, I am kinda sweet on Dr Kim. She is one neat pediatrician. Not that I know too many. I get to go see her again in just 3 weeks for my 9 month check up. I hope she is impressed with my sippy cup skills!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Now I am 8...

months old that is... wow, has it been a whirlwind! I have learned so much. I'm still not all that big into crawling yet. I would much rather hold mommy or daddy's hands and walk around. Getting up on your knees is just so much work. There's no pictures right now because I've got a little bit of a runny nose, and I don't want to show you all that gook... It's pretty blucky because I don't like to have my face wiped. Mommy does what she can, but I am pretty evasive for such a little guy!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just hangin' with my Dad

My Dad is the coolest guy in the whole universe. He is my protector. And not just of me, but of the whole country. (Now tell me THAT isn't cool!) I love to hang out with him. He likes to tickle me and toss me in the air (except right after supper... he learned his lesson BIG time on that one!) I especially like his uniform. We are manly men.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Brittany's here!

Brittany is my new friend. She is from Texas. Now, I don't know where that is, but she sure does talk different. Texas must be like a whole 'nother country or something. Anyhow, she plays with me and watches me nap when Mommy and Daddy aren't here. Sometimes she even gives me lunch -- I love yobaby yogurt. I can eat a whole container of it in one sitting and I don't even throw up! That's quite an accomplishment when your stomach is the size of a walnut. But I'm working on stretching it out a bit.

Anyhow, here is me and Brittany. It's her birthday today. Happy Birthday Brittany!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I've got a sweetiebum

At least mommy says I've got a sweetiebum. I think she just means my diaper though. She makes awful faces when she changes my poopies! Here are some pictures of me looking all cute and sweet. (I've really got the folks fooled!)

I can do pull-ups!

I'm a big boy now! Today I pulled up to a stand for the very first time. I've been trying for awhile, but it takes a bit to make enough muscle to do this. It's a little tricky, so be careful out there if you are trying this too. Of course, you got to do it while the folks have their backs turned so you kinda freak them out. And I highly recommend doing this in the crib for the first. Cause it didn't hurt nearly so much when I fell backwards on my butt. Hey, I got worn out with all that pulling... No one told me I had to hang on once I got up there. (I'm pretty tall, by the way, and it's a long way to the ground now!)