Sunday, April 20, 2008

Titi Denise!

Titi Denise reminded Mommy that SHE isn't on my blog yet. OH NO! I wasn't blogging much around Christmas time when she visited. I was busy with all the playing and eating and everything. So I need to give a great big should out to my other favorite Auntie and my cousin Wilfredo who played with me a LOT. He is pretty cool!

I love airplanes!

My Great Uncle Freddie visited me this weekend! He took me to the Udvar-Hazy museum. I had no idea that museums could be so cool. I've never been to one before after all. They sound kinda like they are for old folk, but this one had lots of cool stuff in it. Big old airplanes just like the ones on my shoes! Mommy got to study this stuff in school. She must be pretty smart. My Uncle Fred is pretty smart too. Here's a few pictures of us together.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March is Outta Here!

I forgot to give a shout out to my fam with birthdays in March! My Titi (auntie) Maricarmen came to visit me for her birthday. What a birthday present, huh?!

And my Grammpy came to visit too. He brought Grammy with him. They make funny faces at me and hug me real tight. It's okay with me, though. I kinda like it.

I also went to my first birthday party last month. My friend Jordan turned 1. I am bigger than she is. Hee hee!

No April Fools 'Round Here

Momma took me to the Cherry Blossoms today. They were real pretty. Take a look!