Friday, August 22, 2008

Cranky Mouth!

This is the only bib that I will wear. It matches my crankypants that Miss Amy so kindly knit up just for me. I wish I could get a picture with both of them, but one is on my front and one is on my bum... that would make for a touch picture. Her web link is in my favorites list at the bottom of this page.

here I am feeding my monster black beans and rice. mmmmm -- tasty!

Move over Tiger!

I got a present in the mail yesterday! Grandpa has been doing some internet shopping! I like internet shopping! I especially like using these new sticks to bang around on stuff. I think that's exactly what Grandpa had in mind. He's a pretty cool guy like me.

The falls were great

Great Uncle Fred came to visit me again! He and Momma took me to a place called Great Falls. The falls were pretty great. Although I was a little more interested in the rocks that I could fit in my mouth. Anyhow, I got to meet a cool orange girl named Athena.

Then we went for a little walk.

Monday, August 18, 2008

My curls got cut!

Momma took me to the barber this weekend. She had grand plans of getting some cute pictures of me getting my hair cut for the very first time. Pictures for the scrapbook. Pictures for Grandma and Abuela. She brought her camera. The nice lady sat me on a high up padded seat. The nice lady put a black cape thingy around me. Then I melted down! That was fun. Momma had to hold me the whole time and all I wanted to do was look at the nice lady with the shiny scissors but she kept trying to put them behind my head and snip. I didn't like that so much. So I had to squirm some more. Momma didn't like that so much. I'm lucky I didn't lose an ear, she said. So anyhow, I still have my ears, but there are a few long patches mixed in with my cut. But overall, a pretty good look for a little guy like me. What do you think of my "after" shots?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Future so bright...

School's in session!

So now Momma says that when Oliver and Hadassah come over we are gonna start learning stuff. This week we learned how to sign "banana" and "cheese." And Momma had rewards for us too. I might actually like this learning stuff if she keeps feeding me cheese. I'm not so sure what the reward is gonna be for signing fish or broccoli, so I'm hanging with just signing "cheese" for everything right now. I wish she would teach me the sign for "ice cream."
Here's me and my home-kiddos learning. Really Hadassah was the only one paying attention. She's SUCH a girl.

I can sign now for "eat," "cheese," "milk," "more," "all done," "bye bye," and I blow kisses. I have been known to throw in the occassional "please" and "thank you" but only when coerced. (Ya gotta keep the folks guessing). Mommy's trying to get me to learn "kitty" and "puppy" too, along with mommy and daddy. These all aren't as easy as they might seem. I get them confused sometimes.
And I have TWO real words now. Ball and Cheese. Of course, Cheese kinda sounds like "Ch eeeeee s" and sometimes I forget the "s"... but that's why I learned the sign!

Milk buddies

When Oliver came over for school day, he got a little bummed. So he got a bottle of milk. Of course, then *I* had to have a bottle of milk. (or else I was gonna steal his... momma says she's no fool!) So here we are... milk buddies.

Little Miss H is pretty good at drinking hers out of a cup.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tastes like chicken

Well, they must taste like chicken. Everything does, at least it does when a little guy doesn't have much to compare them to! It does help to be taller than your competition too.

My sweet Natalie Rose

I am breaking in my latest nanny. Not that the rest didn't love me, but they had to go back to school and study. I don't think that sounds like near as much fun as playing with me, but I digress... Here is Natalie Rose in her Joshua Blog debut. She is pretty sweet and is getting used to me real quick. I just turn on the ole charm and she smiles. She brought me a puppy dog, too. She doesn't know it yet, but I am keeping him!